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Sprinkler Winterizing -  Sprinkler Blowout Calgary - Irrigation Winterization Calgary

Click here to sign up for a sprinkler blowout / irrigation winterization from Next Rain Irrigation in Calgary.  Residential irrigation blow out registration is done online including payment, email confirmations and automated email reminders.  For commercial winterizing, please call or fill out a web contact form. Please remember to turn off the water to your underground sprinkler system. In order to perform the sprinkler blow out Calgary, the water must be turned off to the sprinkler system.  Please remember to do this.  If you are un-sure, please call the office and we will be happy to help you thru this stage. Click here to book an irrigation winterization.  calgary sprinkler winterizing / fall blow out

Best to get a sprinkler systems winterized in late September or early  October. We recommend having this done before the Thanksgiving long weekend, however we perform this service until freeze up in late October or early November.  Most years we perform irrigation winterizations until mid November but it depends on weather and when the irrigation lines have completely frozen in Calgary.

A fall sprinkler blow out is done using compressed air through the sprinkler system to remove the water. All air compressors are regulated at 50 - 60 PSI for residential to minimize the chance of damaging sprinkler heads, valves and fittings.  

Additional services can include:
Turning off clocks/controllers
Tagging turn on/off valve to avoid accidental winter turn on

Closing off of all manual drain valves

We winterize commercial irrigation systems.



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