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How to turn the water off to the irrigation system

 ( underground sprinkler system ) 

What needs to be done prior to the sprinkler winterization?

If you will not be home the day we are schedule to arrive, we request that the indoor water to the sprinkler system is shut off and left off until the winter is over.   Please see pictures below. We also suggest that the controller should be turned to the 'OFF' setting.  Most controllers have a dial in the center.  The dial is pointed at either 'Auto' or "On' when the controller is set to water.  Turn the dial to the 'Off' or 'Rain' setting.  If the controller is different and you cannot figure out how to turn it off, it is best to unplug the controller.

Supply line is on
Supply line is on

Locating the irrigation shut off valve

Inside of your house you need to find the supply line for your sprinkler system.  Most of the time it is easy to find in the utility room, however older houses it can be hidden in roof vents, secret panels, etc.  In the utility room,  find the water meter or main water supply line for your house.  Typically the irrigation tie in is close to the water meter, however it is usually on the main supply line of the house.  You can tell the line is for the irrigation system because it will have a backflow preventor know as a dual check valve or double check valve on it.  Older houses have a dual check valve as shown in the pictures. If you have difficulties finding it, go outside and look around the outside of the house and try to find a water line that comes out.  The bottom picture below shows a shut off valve.

Supply line is off
Supply line is off

Turning off the water supply to the irrigation

When the handle is parallel with the line it is on.  When the handle is perpendicular to the line it is off.  You need to turn off the supply line so no water is going to the irrigation system.  These valves will be on the inside of your house. 

When the water is shut off the water can be drained from this part of the system.  Usually there is a tap that you can open and drain the water out.  In this picture the drain is actually a little cap on the side of the shutoff valve.  Drain the water and then close it back up again.

Thats it your done.  The rest we will take care of on the out side.


What is done on the out side?


When we do a fall sprinkler blow-out we come with a 185 cfm air compressor and blow the water out of the irrigation system.  There is a tap on the outside of the house which we hook up to which, will look simular to the picture below.   We then run the irrigation system manually from the valve box(es) located in the yard.  The valve box(es) are typically green.  A 185cfm air compressor is towed behind a vehicle and has the volume to push all the water out of the sprinkler system. Using a smaller compressor may or may not have the capacity to blow all the water out. 

Fall blow out
Fall blow out

This is where the supply line comes out of the house and goes into the ground.  No water should be going to this when the fall blow out is done.  If the water is still on the fall blow-out cannot be completed. 


To book a residential irrigation winerization / fall sprinkler blowout, please register online at  or call the office at 403-613-0552. Thank you.

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