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The Next Rain boss made this page work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and well it looks as though it decided to go on holidays.  Maybe check a WESTJET flight to Mexico or an all inclusive resort, as that is a popular holiday for the Calgary folk.  Or maybe it went on holidays with the BOSS, in which case, check a ski resort in Japan, Chile, Argentina or New Zealand,  an Overland truck in Africa, surf beach in Australia, Fiji, Bali, or get your scuba diving gear on and check out where the visibility is good... beat you it is in Thailand.  

If you find this page during watering season, oh man, look out, call the office and ask to speak to the person that didn't work 18 hours yesterday and they will be able to give you optimium advice, but if for some reason you reach the 18.5 hour day dude, that dude will give you the time you need to get your problems fixed, don't matter what.  We are Next Rain, we deliever, or fall asleep trying. That number is 403-613-0552 or just try the tricks below.

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